Property Management
Systems Workshop

August 9th – 12th – 2021

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The Workshop

The Systems Workshop is designed to provide practical tips for developing efficient and effective business processes. If improving your current systems is a business priority, this is the conference for you! 

You Will Learn:

The basic elements of a process.

How to develop metrics for measuring systems performance.

Key questions to ask when creating processes.

Typical processes to document in the property management industry.

This is a “hands on” conference
There will be opportunities for attendees to:

Participate in peer group sessions where members share steps and content used to develop their current processes.

Receive analysis of a current process from conference consultant

Utilize learned information to develop a typical property management process

Our experts

Owner of House Match Inc.

Paul Kankowski

President of Croskey Real Estate, Inc.

Wolfgang Croskey

Founder of LeadSimple

Jordan Muela



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"I attended the first session in 2018. I got so much good information on building systems and what triggers a process! I went back home and finished up 5 new systems for our office that are making us so much more efficient! I will absolutely go to the advanced session and am looking forward to learning even more!"
Julie Mullinax
Property Manager
"The conference helped me better identify where my gaps are in creating a process"
Jamie Williams​
Property Manager

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